Amc Stubs Discount Codes

Amc Stubs is the new reward program offered by Amc Theatres to their customer and guest. After registering as AMC Stubs member online, you’ll be given your own online ticket stub collection It is simple join their program by visiting official site or visit the nearest AMC Theater and become member from one of their crews. Its provides bigger, better and more exciting benefits.

Top rated Amc Stubs Promotional Codes 2015

  • HOLSTUBS6 - Receive $6 discount on total spending of $12 and more. Valid for new members only.
  • 1102000003519910 – Sign up or renew your membership for 1 year and get $1 discount on that.
  • $10 Reward – Buy movie tickets worth $100 and you will be given reward code of $10. Which you can use for buying tickets, drinks, popcorn, candy and even your renewal fee.
  • Upgrades on concessions for Free – Just use your AMC Stubs Card and get Free upgrade on  popcorn and fountain drinks.
  • Fees Waived – If you are already member then goto and to have online ticket purchase fees waived.

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21 thoughts on “Amc Stubs Discount Codes

  1. Anonymous

    Im not spending 12 dollars to get some card only to spend 100 dollars oops i meant 112 dollars once u adding the 12 dollar fee to save a lousy 10 bucks. if the card was free id consider enrolling however to pay to join not worth it.

  2. Anonymous

    Its worth it if you're a regular movie goer and are buying more than one ticket at a time (ie, going with your spouse, kids, etc) One outing for a family of 4 is easily $50 when you add in concessions.

    1. Clara

      It is sooo worth it if you’re a regular movie goer. You’re going to spend the $100 anyway at the movies. The upgrades are worth it. My daughter and I always buy the small popcorn and get the medium (which is huge) for free and we share. It pays for itself!

  3. Lisa

    The fact that you pay for a SMALL popcorn or soda but actually get a MEDIUM, and never have to pay fees on Fandango EVER, makes the membership card well worth $12/year. Not sure why some people feel they have to get pissy about it. It's a no-brainer. But if you refuse to pay the fee, than don't join.

  4. Anonymous

    Don't forget that EVERY purchase you make, including concession stand, goes toward reward points. I'm just finishing up my first year. In one year I've earned 3 $10 credits for a total of $30, plus $1.50 off the combo times 5 purchases equals $7.50. So for $12, I saved $37.50 (or $25.50 if you deduct the fee). I think it's well worth the annual fee!

  5. Anonymous

    If your single and don't have a family, goto the $5 movies and then have to spend $100 to get the $10 back, its not worth it. Who goes to the concession stands with the prices they charge. Its a waste for the budget conscious movie enthusiast.

  6. Anonymous

    I only go to $5 movies and won't spend $7.50 for a drink or popcorn. So why should i spend $12 for nothing??? Bring back the old program and free Popcorn Wed. !~!!

  7. DaviatorSF

    I don't feel as if i go to the movies that often–once a month, on occasion twice–but there's always two of us, and I always buy popcorn and a drink. Since joining Stubs (was it two or three years ago that it started?) I've earned $85 in rewards, saved $14 in online ticket fees, and gotten 44 concession upgrades. It's a no-brainer.

  8. Anonymous

    It includes free upgrades on all purchases at the concession stand and adds those purchase totals to your 100.00 spending to get 10.00 back, so if you are like me and my family, 30-40 bucks to get in to the theatre and then 30-40 in concession purchases gives me an extra 10 bucks back every other trip.

  9. antony

    We LOVE going to the movies – especially during the summer months. I copied and pasted from my "stubs account" the numbers I have received back since joining in April 2011. We are a family of 6, and as you can see from the amounts I have "earned", $12 is NOTHING for what you get back.

    Rewards & Benefits
    $260.00 Total AMC Stubs Rewards
    $7.00 Online Fees Waived
    69 Concession Upgrades

  10. Brad Randall

    I'm just 10 months into my first year, don't go to the movies too often — but I've already saved $15.00 in online ticket fees waived, earned $30.00 in rewards credit, and used the concession upgrades 25 times. I'm usually hesitant to pay for a rewards program, but yeah, this one's worth it.

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