Scholastic Book Club Coupons

Scholastic Book Club is well known education resource that publish various kind of study materials, school or college books for teachers, students and parents. It was founded few decade ago and also sells the book by club, fairs and other online events as well.

Top rated Scholastic Book Club Coupon Codes

  1. 20 Free Books – Just head over the home page and purchase any selected books of $100 and more to receive 20 Free books.
  2. Science Sale – Looking to buy Science books and kits then you could save upto 30% on your next order.
  3. $5 Deal from Kelloggs – Purchase two specially marked kelloggs items and receive any book valued upto $5 of your choice.
  4. Get Storia РDownload new Free teacher recommended eReading app and receive 5 Free ebooks with that. Available for android, Windows, iPad, Kindle fire.
  5. Earn $20  РWhen total of your orders placed at same time will be $20 or more then you will get chance to choose more Free book and materials worth $20.
  6. 5X Bonus points – Receive 1000 free bonus points on your any online order of $200 and more. You will get 5X bonus point for any order of $20 and more.

Scholastic Book Club Coupon Codes for Teachers and Parents
When teachers purchase any education material online they will get $3 reward valid for next online order online. While parents will get one Free book on any future order of $5 and more.

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