TracFone BONUS Codes and Coupons

TracFone is national leader prepaid wireless company serving millions of customers from USA. allow you to get cell phone at no contract, credit checks, activation charges or cancellation fees from the leading brands and with their easy subscription plans whichever you want.

Top rated TracFone Discount Coupons 2015

  1. 55698 or 74699 - Place your order for 60 min card and get 20 bonus minutes.
  2. 54496 or 57743 or 84341 - Recharge for some valid phones with 120 min card and get free 30 bonus minutes.
  3. Double Min for Life – Purchase Samsung T245G mobile phone and enjoy Double Minutes For Life! Check for the more details of offer.
  4. 86692 or 56976 or 98796 - Use any of these codes to get 40 Free bonus mins on your next recharge.
  5. 90628 or 59685 or 20457 – Want to get 50 Bonus minutes then use during online recharge with valid cards.
  6. Free Shipping Offer – Shop for the various smartphones, mobiles from brands like Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry etc worth $19.99 plus and get them at Free Shipping.
  7. 74316 or 94074 or 66836 – Recharge with 120 min card and get 60 Free bonus minutes.
  8. 70479 or 33987 or 80965 or 86077 or 22573 – When you going for 400 mins and or 1 year recharge voucher you could get Free 250 minutes with that.

How to Add Bonus Minutes with TracFone Promo Codes

  1. First of all you need to copy the code given here.
  2. Visit the main website with that code.
  3. Now locate on right hand side check for Airtime adding option and then Add card online.
  4. Just add the Pin, telephone number and promo code in appropriate field and click on submit button to get associated bonus mins.

It should be noted that TracFone Bonus Codes might not worked for some particular cards, phone, So we are requesting you to please check their online form with different codes and min card combination, Since many time its works and even get much more free minutes.

138 thoughts on “TracFone BONUS Codes and Coupons

    1. FiddlerBarry

      200 minute card (double minutes) and received 60 bonus with promo code 74316 = total 460 minutes on 25 Mar 2013

        1. Mimi

          I just used code 74316 with a 200-min card, double min. phone. Got 460 min. ( 200 + 200 + 60 )

  1. Anonymous

    I just bought a 365 day – 400 minute card for 99.99 online. I thought I was going to get an extra 250 minutes. Nope—it gave me a bonus of 650 minutes—-so 1050 minutes total! Unfortunately I forgot which one of the codes listed above I randomly typed in, but it was one of the following: 80965, 33987, 70479.

    1. Maxine

      Used promo code 33987 at 10:30 A.M. Mar 8, 2013 and got my 250 bonus minutes with one year for 400 minutes card. Got a total of 1050 minutes with double minutes forever phone. Thanks

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Worked for me today too. If you combine with double minutes for life phone, you can get 300 mins for $30 or less (look for sale prices).

      1. Anonymous

        Worked for me on 14 MARCH 2013 giving me 60 free minutes on a purchased 120 minute card.

  2. Anonymous

    Code 55698 work for me for 60 mins. I got a total of 140 minutes. I rarely use my phone, this works great for me.

  3. Anonymous

    74316 worked for 120 minutes. With my double minutes for life I got 300 minutes when I bought 120 min.

  4. Anonymous

    Promo code 80965 worked on 1/10/13 for an additional 250 minutes. I have a triple minutes for life phone- my 400 minute card, plus the bonus, yielded me a total of 1450 minutes!

  5. Anonymous

    January 11th, 2013–Code 55698 (the very first listed above) did indeed provide me with 20 bonus minutes with a 60 minute card.

  6. Anonymous

    January 12th,2013 74316 gave me 60 bonus minutes on a 120 minute card plus my (triple minutes for 420)!

    1. Mimi

      You have to buy a phone that has triple-for-life feature; then you will get 180 min. from a 60-min. card, automatically. You can still use a bonus code (also called promo code) for an additional 60 free minutes when you find one that has not expired.

  7. Anonymous

    1-13-13 approx 3 AM PST.

    I was awarded 250 bonus minutes along with my one yr/400 minutes pin # about an hour ago, with one of these two bonus codes. Try 80965 first and if that one isn't accepted, try 86077. The phone I added to is (an older) LG220 with DMFL. Worked for me! :)


    1. Mimi

      I tried this code and did not get any bonus minutes at all. That was about 2 weeks ago. It may have expired, or I may have typed it in wrong.

      However, this is NOT a code for 80 bonus minutes; it is for 20 bonus minutes (see other comments below for this number). It appears that you got your purchased 60 minutes doubled, with a double-minutes-for-life phone, and an additional 20 bonus minutes.

      When I saw “80 bonus minutes” in your post, it got may attention right away and so I used it. After looking at it more closely and reading every post below for that code, I realized my mistake. My greediness for what I thought was 80 minutes got the better of me. Had the code worked for me, I would have gotten only 20 minutes.

  8. Luvtracfone

    This is Great, I usually get codes in the mail, directly from TracFone, but I needed a code NOW, 80965 gave 250 min. w/ 1 year 400min card, I also got triple minutes w/ my new samsung S390G. Thank You Much!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Promo code 74316 for 120 minutes worked. Got a bonus of 60 minutes added for a total of 300 minutes.

  10. Anonymous

    I bet you have forgotten that you have a "double minutes" phone. So the 400 minute card gave you 800 minutes. Plus the 250 from the code.

  11. Anonymous

    Promo code 74316 ordered 120 min. got 120 min + 180 bonus = 300 min and 90 days extension of service date for $32.87

  12. Anonymous

    55698 worked with 60 min. card dmfl and 20 bonus min. Thanks…Happy new year! Keep the codes coming!!!!

  13. WILL A. O.


  14. Anonymous

    I just used promo code 33987 with the 1 year 400 min. and it worked fine. 250 bonus min. 8:00pm 1/17/2013

  15. Anonymous

    Thank You! I used code 33987 when buying 400 minutes and 365 days of service on a double minutes for life phone. I received a total of 1150 minutes! That is a bonus of 350 minutes, not the 250 as claimed.

  16. Anonymous

    Just tried: 74699 on 60min card with dbl min on phone. Gave me NO bonus :-( Wish I'd read these comments first and used the 55698 instead

  17. Anonymous

    Just used promo code 74316 online with my 200 min. card received an extra 260 min. for a total of 460 min. good for 90 days. AWESOME

  18. Anonymous

    Great. Used promo code 70479 with 400min 1yr card. Got an extra 250min along with my 1200min with my triple min phone.

  19. Anonymous

    I used 55698 for 20 extra on my 60 minute plus double minutes card

    Thank you

    The code Tracfone sent me expired in one day !

  20. Anonymous

    I used 74316 for 60 extra mins. on a 120 min. card, plus I have a triple minutes phone …. 420 mins.

  21. Anonymous

    bought 400 minutes, used code 70479, came out to 400 minutes + 1050 minutes bonus = 1450 minutes for 1 year for $100 + tax

    thanks for the code

  22. Anonymous

    This code worked for my 90 min card too. Got 90 min plus 200 bonus (my phone receives triple minutes).

  23. Anonymous

    for 400 minute card with triple minutes phone, 80965 was expired, 33987 was accepted but did not give me any additional mintues.

  24. Anonymous

    1-year service 400minutes card $99.99, (400 auto coubled to 800), using code 33987 –> I received a BONUS of 250 minutes.
    I renewed my service using their toll free line to verify with salesperson that the code was correct.

    I was also told that code: 80965 IS NO LONGER VALID.

  25. Anonymous

    Just worked for me too.74316 extra 60 mins on a 200 minute card. Total 460 minutes on my double minute phone.Free money.

  26. Anonymous

    I just tried 70479 or 33987 or 80965 or 86077 or 22573 for buying 1 year/400 minutes for a LG600 phone and NONE OF THE CODES WORKED!!! Every transaction came back as "Failed" with no further explanation.

  27. Anonymous

    This worked like a charm. I purchased the 1 year/400 minutes card and used promo code 70479 and got an additional 650 minutes!!! I NEVER get lucky like this. Usually something goes wrong but not this time. Thanks.

  28. Anonymous

    Used code 70479 for 400 min. card. Received my additional 400 minutes plus the 250 free min. for a total of 1150 min. Very happy.

  29. Anonymous

    Ditto… promo code #74316 put an extra 60 minutes on my Tracfone after adding a 200 unit airtime card on Saturday, 1/26/2012. Thx!

  30. Anonymous

    The very first one on the list: 55698 for "60 min card and get 20 bonus minutes" worked as of Jan 26, 2013 on a triple minute phone.

  31. Anonymous

    70479 added 250 minutes to a 400 min/1 yr add [plus my double minutes] ended up adding 1050 minutes. YEAH!!!

  32. Anonymous

    The code 86692 for 40 Free Bonus minutes didn't work for me. I just tried it with a 60 minute card (since it doesn't specify what card it has to be used with), and I didn't get anything extra. I'll call customer service tomorrow and see if they'll give it to me.

  33. Anonymous

    I wanted to add a year of service and 400 minutes, doubled, plus bonus minutes using your promo codes.
    Promo code 70479 did not work.
    Promo code 40479 would only add 50 bonus minutes.
    Promo 33987 worked and added 250 bonus minutes.
    Thank you.

  34. Anonymous

    just bought the 400 minutes and used promo code 70479. I have double minutes so that brings me to 800. total minutes added: 1450….they gave me an extra 650 minutes??? that's just crazy.

    Thanks for the promo code!!!

  35. Anonymous

    74316 worked. I got the web special 1500 minutes. Couldn't find any other offers to use with this size card. the promo gave me bonus 60 min.

  36. Anonymous

    February 2, 2013 – Code 70479 gave 250 bonus minutes on a 1year 400 min card. My phone triples the basic minutes, so 1450. Thanks!!

  37. Anonymous

    Just got a text message from tracfone,
    250min with year+400min card 19921 by 2/28

    With double minutes, that will be 1050min.

  38. Anonymous

    You dip stick.
    55698 = 20 bonus min on a 60 min card. I have double minutes for life and used code and only got 140min added to phone. 60+60(dbl) +20bonus = 140min.

  39. Anonymous

    February 8, 2013 at 8:30 PM 70479 added 250 bonus minutes on a 1 year 400 min card. With double minutes 400+400+250…THANKS.

  40. joe

    3-1-13 I added 200 minute card (double minutes) and received 60 bonus with promo code 74316, total 460 minutes.

  41. Larry

    Used promo code 70479 with 400 minute (1 year card) and received 400 minutes regular, 400 minutes (due to double minutes on phone) and 250 bonus minutes for a total of 1,050 total minutes. Great web site.

  42. JJJ

    March 2 — code 78041 added 60 min on a 450 card . The phone also has an automatic triple for a total of 1350 + 60 = 1410

  43. Fred

    March 3 ,2013. I used the 55698 code with my 60 minute card because many persons above said that they got an 80 minute bonus. I have a double minutes phone and ended up with 140 minutes total; that’s 120 minutes for my 60 minute card, 60 minutes doubled = 120 minutes, then added another 20 minutes (bonus) for a total of 140 minutes.
    Thanks so much for giving such great coupon.

  44. S Dwyer

    Bonus code 70479 (250 minutes) worked today when I added a year & 400 minutes to my cell phone. Did this online

    1. Elise

      Just used 74316. I have triple minutes so I received a total of 420 minutes (60 minutes free). Thanks!

  45. Danny

    March 7, 2013 at 11:47pm

    Just used Code 70479 for 250 minute Bonus on a 400 minutes/1 Year card. Got a total of 1450 minutes.

  46. Liz

    Just used promo code 55698, with my triple minutes for life and promo, got 140 minutes! Great deal

  47. Amanda

    Used 74316 with a 120 minute card on March 10, 2013. Works great! Love getting an extra free hour of talk time.

  48. leticia

    is there a bonus promo code that will add extra minutes onto a 30 minute card??? I need extra minutes and only have $10.00

  49. Lois

    Just used promo code 40020 when buying 60 min card. I also purchased 30 extra min for 5 dollars. I got a total of 200 mins!!!

  50. Fernando

    55698 code worked for me on a 60 (I have double minutes 4 life) Minute card so I got 140 total . Thank you tracfone.

  51. Starrider17

    Similar to Jax on 12 March 2013, I used code 74316 with a 120 minute card ( I have double minutes for life) with gave me the 120 + 120 (double) + 60 bonus for a total of 300 minutes on 04/13/2013. Thank you!!!

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